June 19, 2019

Pre-production, video composition, editing, mixing and mastering. I have gone through all stages of production from small productions to Hollywood productions. From Advertisements to short films.

I have a solid 5 years of videography experience, specialized in cinematography but also excel in video editing, VFX (Visual Effects), mixing audio for video, coloring and mastering. Studied at Point Loma Nazarene University for Media Communications with a Film Studies concentration, along with a semester of in-depth industry dive at the Los Angeles Film Studies Center (LAFSC). Interned with studios like Signature Sound Studios in San Diego and Remote Control studios in Los Angeles, Santa Monica. Through my student career I won multiple awards for my short films and received an award for my “Outstanding Contributions to Point Loma Nazarene University’s media department”.

From being a student, I graduated and entered Burbank as a Technical Assistant for the New York Film Academy (NYFA) where I helped students understand film and digital cameras, lighting setups and editing techniques.

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